About us

Arnel Balaoro is the founder of the Company . He is experience in large scale project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the sponsorship of Saudi Oger ltd. specialized in MEPF- Water & Waste Water Treatment - Medical Services and have work in land mark mega project in the Kingdom. with his long experienced he created BAE Design Build to support the Engineering Services in the Kingdom, recently BAE started the construction work in the Philippines.

Arnel Balaoro
CEO & Managing Director

BAE Design Build General Contractors has a long robust history which began when the founders’ established the company in, Saudi Arabia in October of 2013. We are a family owned company that remains true to its founders’ spirit, covenants, innovation and perseverance.

For a Short period of time, we have been Supporting Engineering company of our expertise to serve an ever more demanding and challenging construction need in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In a prosperous economy fueled by the oil boom, our company was positioned to participate in the execution of some of the most prestigious landmark projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have the capabilities to develop design and value engineer solutions to cater for our clients’ needs. We have proudly executed projects from complex infrastructure.

Our expansion in the early 2018 led us to execute work in the construction of JFCM Church. Leachate Collection in San Ramon Daraga Albay, Line canal & embankment in Sorsogon, Medical Waste Treatment Building and other Residential Building

Today our aim is to engage in highly competitive turnkey projects worth Million Peso.

We stand committed to excellence guided by our deep routed company covenants providing quality engineering and execution. It is the strategy of our company to be always one of the leading contracting companies in the market. To this end, we as BAE Design Build Company continue to invest in quality, value engineering, proactive and talented people, endeavoring at all time to satisfy our client expectations and to best serve the welfare of our society.